Hand Forged Metal Art & Custom Blacksmithing

Our Story -

Act 2...

In my mid 40's and having done the whole "corporate" thing, I relocated to Pine Arizona with the goal of leading a simpler life that focused more on doing and creating, rather than earning, buying and spending. Pine is the type of town where there is one streetlight, no stop lights, and you are more likely to see elk and javalina than you are your neighbors. Set inside the single largest Ponderosa Pine Forest in the world, at an elevation of a tad less than 6000', it's not exactly the "Hot Desert" that everyone perceives Arizona as. The silence and the complete darkness of night took some getting used to after the chaos of Los Angeles, as well as the occasional winter snow storm... but we're here to stay.

Continuing a lifelong passion to BUILD things, anything, using wood, metal, stone, whatever... I soon found myself drawn to a few local Blacksmiths and began welding and creating things inspired by my surroundings. From there I began studying the art of Blacksmithing more seriously under the tutelage of Blacksmith Gordon Williams, of Camp Verde Arizona. Gordon continues to be a mentor and teacher today and I am pleased to be able to assist him and apprentice under him as I continue to learn the techniques and processes of this art form that I have become obsessed with.

                                                                                                                                                                                - Ric Hawthorne, 2014

Click here for more information on Gordon Williams or the Gordon Williams Blacksmith School .